Steve Jobs Film 2013

Steve Jobs Film 2013 Filme wie jOBS - Die Erfolgsstory von Steve Jobs

schmeißt Steve Jobs sein Studium und zieht sich zusammen mit seinem Freund Steve Wozniak in die Garage seiner Eltern in Kalifornien zurück. Dort gründen die beiden das Unternehmen Apple Computer Company und entwickeln das erste Produkt mit. Jobs (deutscher Verweistitel: Jobs – Die Erfolgsstory von Steve Jobs) ist eine veröffentlichte Filmbiografie über das Leben von Steve Jobs unter der Regie. Der Film ist nach Jobs aus dem Jahr , in dem Ashton Kutcher die Hauptrolle übernommen hatte, die zweite Filmbiografie seit dem Tod des verstorbenen​. Links: Das offizielle Poster zum Filmstart von "Steve Jobs"; Rechts: Das amerikanische Filmplakat für "Jobs" aus dem Jahr Der Film. jOBS - Die Erfolgsstory von Steve Jobs ein Film von Joshua Michael Stern mit Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney. Inhaltsangabe: Uni-Abbrecher Steven Paul.

Steve Jobs Film 2013

In dem Biopic jOBS von Joshua Michael Stern übernimmt Ashton Kutcher die Rolle des legendären Apple-Mitbegründers Steve Jobs, der verstarb. jOBS - Die Erfolgsstory von Steve Jobs ein Film von Joshua Michael Stern mit Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney. Inhaltsangabe: Uni-Abbrecher Steven Paul. Jobs (deutscher Verweistitel: Jobs – Die Erfolgsstory von Steve Jobs) ist eine veröffentlichte Filmbiografie über das Leben von Steve Jobs unter der Regie.

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Von Joshua Michael Stern. Boyle ging es eindeutig nicht darum, das Leben und die Erfolgsgeschichte des Apple-Chefs haargenau nachzuerzählen. Das Publikum ist weniger euphorisch. Demnach muss auch der Erklärungsversuch für Jobs' Verhalten als Interpretation der Filmemacher angesehen werden. Matt Whiteley. As Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking site that would become known as Facebook, he source sued by the twins who claimed he stole their Stage 2 Schauspieler, and by the co-founder who Nackte SchГ¶ne later squeezed read article of the business. Fire this person unnecessarily; deny that loyal employee well-earned benefit; use your click here to destabilize the company Aaron [Sorkin] and Danny Boyle did a fabulous job with it. Business Insider. Young Lisa Jobs uncredited Aaron Archuletta Sculley arrives in secret the two go here amends. Reed College Student uncredited Lanre Idewu

Daniel Pemberton composed the music for the film. Much like the film's visual approach, the score is divided into three distinguishable sections, each corresponding to the intended feel of the act in which the section is heard.

The second act's score is more operatic in nature, matching the setting of the San Francisco Opera House. Finally, the third act featured a more introspective score produced entirely digitally to complement its backdrop of the iMac product launch, and Pemberton correspondingly used his own iMac to compose this section.

The Maccabees' "Grew Up At Midnight", the song that played during the film's concluding scene, was reportedly chosen by Danny Boyle himself, who is a fan of the band.

Other songs were considered for the final scene, even Pemberton's own score before the song was chosen.

The physical releases contain a minute making-of documentary , Inside Jobs: The Making of Steve Jobs , chronicling the production of the film.

On November 10, , just over two weeks after its wide release, Universal pulled the film from 2, theaters in the United States. The website's critical consensus reads, "Like the tech giant co-founded by its subject, Steve Jobs gathers brilliant people to deliver a product whose elegance belies the intricate complexities at its core.

Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter said Boyle's "electric" direction "temperamentally complements Sorkin's highly theatrical three-act study" and praised Fassbender in the role, who "doesn't closely physically resemble the man, [yet] he fully delivers the essentials of how we have come to perceive the man.

Sorkin is not trying to do anything but write in his own style, thus this film and its exceptional dialogue leaves its mark as profoundly as Jobs himself left his.

Benjamin Lee of The Guardian gave the film three out of five stars, writing that "despite the film constantly informing you of just how incredibly important everything all is, it's disappointingly difficult to truly care about what's taking place.

Danny Boyle , the film's director, speaking on the creative liberties he took with portraying Steve Jobs said, "[it] was what Shakespeare used to do.

He would take some of the facts about a man of power and he would guess at a lot of the rest and just gotten away at actually getting at the human in it.

And that's what's wonderful about the writing I think, is that it acknowledges the people who disliked Steve Jobs, the people he hurt.

But in the end, he brings it back to a very simple father-daughter relationship that he has to admit that he has made some of the most beautiful things in the world.

John Sculley praised Jeff Daniels ' portrayal of him, but claims the film misrepresented Apple 's success with the Mac , and argues that Jobs was "much nicer" than depicted.

That wasn't his character, and the events didn't happen. You think of Jobs having a reality distortion field. I think of Aaron Sorkin as having Atkinson said that "the only thing he got right in that movie" was the "spot on" depiction of Hoffman, including her accent and how she "tried to rein in Steve from Steve Wozniak who consulted with Sorkin before he had written the screenplay commented on a trailer released on July 1, , that he does not "talk that way I would never accuse the graphical interface of being stolen.

I never made comments to the effect that I had credit genius taken from me The lines I heard spoken were not things I would say but carried the right message, at least partly I felt a lot of the real Jobs in the trailer, although a bit exaggerated.

Wozniak specifically mentioned that he never requested Jobs to acknowledge the Apple II team onstage, as was shown in the movie.

However, he added that Jobs did purportedly show a lack of respect towards the group. When asked about the accuracy of the film's portrayal of Jobs, Wozniak replied: "In real life, to real people, that's the way he could be, very sharp, although never quite as much as in the movie.

Edwin Catmull , president of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios , felt that Jobs would "be appalled" at his depiction in the film, arguing that he was a kinder person later in life than is portrayed in the picture.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Catmull commented, "When [Jobs] left Apple, he then entered into what really is the classic hero's journey : He's wandering in the wilderness, he's working with NeXT, it's not working.

He's working with Pixar, we're failing. In that process, Steve learned some major lessons, and he changed.

He became an empathetic person, [ It's an incredible character study of a really complex man. Aaron [Sorkin] and Danny Boyle did a fabulous job with it.

Mossberg has stated that while both films are aesthetically well-developed, Welles created a fictional set of characters in order to clarify that his film was a work of fiction.

In contrast, according to Mossberg who knew Jobs for 14 years , Sorkin's decision to use real instead of fictional names detracts from the quality of a film which appears to be a biopic and yet is a work of fiction.

Mossberg states that "the Steve Jobs portrayed in Sorkin's film isn't the man I knew. Sorkin chose to cherry-pick and exaggerate some of the worst aspects of Jobs' character, and to focus on a period of his career when he was young and immature [ Sorkin opts to end his story just as Jobs is poised to both reel off an unprecedented string of world-changing products and to mature into a much broader, kinder manager and person.

Steve Jobs has received dozens of industry and critics awards. It won two, for both Winslet and Sorkin.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Steve Jobs film. Theatrical release poster. Fassbender and Winslet received critical acclaim for their performances as Jobs and Hoffman, respectively.

Main article: List of accolades received by Steve Jobs film. Film portal United States portal United Kingdom portal.

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We learn little about Woz: where he came from, how he met Jobs , or what happened after he quit Apple, dissatisfied with the direction in which the company was heading.

Jobs's personal life is also frustratingly limited to a handful of bite-size sequences, without exploring, for instance, his shifting perspective on parenthood.

We see his early, cruel dismissal of pregnant girlfriend Chris-Ann Brennan Ahna O'Reilly and their unborn daughter, Lisa, only to be later presented with Jobs the settled father and gardener, while in exile from Apple, following his ousting by the board in Still, the essence of Jobs the creator, the insanely driven cultural game-changer, is intact, in line with his public and professional persona.

A gushing score from John Debney accompanies various rounds of corporate applause that greet his successes punctuated with a knowing, told-you-so smile from Kutcher.

Stern's direction is solid, occasionally dynamic, while rarely straying from the Apple brief. Narratively speaking, there's a generally informative and engaging professional arc, from Jobs's early days at Hewlett-Packard, via Atari and Apple, then Next, then back to Apple again although substantial chunks, including his pioneering of Pixar, are glaring in their omissions.

The early years, from Reed College and barefoot LSD trips to India, preface this, shot with a golden hue to stir nostalgia.

The results, then, are mixed. This is far from the bomb some would have envisaged, but neither is it the character illumination one would wish for.

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Lukas Haas. Datenschutzbestimmungen Kinox Ostwind. Nach seinem Tod beschäftigen sich gleich zwei Spielfilmprojekte mit dem bewegten Leben des geborenen Apple-Mitbegründers. Möchte ich sehen. John Debney. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt.

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🍎 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at Atari. Before they were famous. In 4K 🍎 Wissenswertes. Angebote zum Thema. Der Film ist nicht viel mehr als ein netter Zusammenschnitt einiger weniger melodramatisch dargestellter Lebensabschnitte von Steve Jobs. Jedoch sollte dies just click for source sein letzter Kontakt mit der Firma Apple gewesen sein American Sniper. Der dritte und read more Akt wurde mit einer Alexa Digitalkamera auf Hochglanz poliert. Jeremy Shada. Szene aus "Steve Jobs" : Joanna threatens to quit. Inside Wikileaks - Die fünfte Gewalt. Nutzer haben kommentiert. Videos anzeigen Bilder anzeigen. Anonymer User. Um die gesamte Geschichte von Jobs zu erzählen reichen warscheinlich keine zwei Stunden, aber Film erzählt es ganz gut mit allen Rückschläge die Jobs so hinnehmen musste. Farb-Format Farbe. Die Kritiker scheinen sich einig zu sein. Retrieved August 26, Paul Jobs Kevin Dunn The story of Steve Jobs ' ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century. Topics Ashton Kutcher First look review. Runtime: min. Adapted from the biography by Walter Isaacson and interviews conducted by Sorkin, the film covers 14 years — in the life of Apple Inc. Archived from the original on March 29, Retrieved October 5, As Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg the social networking site that would become known as Facebook, check this out is source by the twins who claimed he stole their idea, and by the co-founder who was later squeezed out of the business. Benjamin Lindsey Bentley In dem Biopic jOBS von Joshua Michael Stern übernimmt Ashton Kutcher die Rolle des legendären Apple-Mitbegründers Steve Jobs, der verstarb. Steve Jobs und seine Filmversionen Abspielen Die Verfilmung der Steve Jobs-​Story von stammt aus der Feder des Newcomers Matt. Kalifornien College-Abbrecher und Hippie Steve Jobs hat eine Vision: Eines Tages soll jeder Jobs [dt./OV]. ()2h 7minX-Ray6. Kalifornien Interessierten kann ich den Film ganz klar, auch zum Kauf, empfehlen. Steve Jobs Film 2013 In Deutschland hatte der Film am Matt Whiteley. Bild: Open Road Films. Produktions-Format. Auch der Cast, inkl. Statt source den gesamten Lebensweg des Apple-Masterminds nachzuzeichnen, beschränkt sich der Film auf drei markanten Stationen, drei Episoden, die jeweils kurz click einer wichtigen Präsentation stattfinden. Das Wort Arschloch bekommt durch den Charakter eine ganz neue Dimension. Der Produzent Mark Hilme habe ein Expertenteam zusammengestellt, das alle öffentlichen Aufzeichnungen und Interviews, die etwas mit Jobs zu tun hatten, durchforstete.

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